Does my pool need fencing?

Number one reason for using Safety Fencing is for the protection of children.

Backyard pool safety is a serious issue: about 7% of drownings in Canada occur in swimming pools and most of these happen to young children who accidentally fell into a pool during non-aquatic activities, such as playing or running around the pool. Restricting access to the pool deck with a removable fence can prevent these tragic accidents.

If you are looking to make your backyard safe for children, a removable pool fence from Premium Pool is a reliable and cost-efficient solution that requires no maintenance and lets you enjoy your pool any time.

What exactly is a Safety Fence?

A Safety Fence is a removable mesh fence that can be securely installed into the deck around your pool, whether it's concrete, interlock, grass or dirt. See our Installation page for more details.

The mesh is made out of nearly transparent material that will provide a clear view of your pool or spa. It is mounted on solid aluminium poles that are inserted into the ground. Because the mesh is stretched tightly from pole to pole around the entire perimeter of your pool, the load is always distributed evenly between the poles.

A safety fence can withstand exceptionally strong impacts, such as people falling on it, because it's not a single segment, but the entire fence soaking up the impact.

Benefits of Fencing