Safety Fencing Installation

A safety fence can be installed into any kind of deck, whether it's concrete, interlock, grass or dirt without compromising safety or durability of the fence. Most fencing installation jobs require some customization to adapt standard parts to the layout of your pool, so thorough planning and exact calculations are key when installing a fence. Here's how we install a pool fence:

Step 1: Layout and Approval

Pool Fencing Installation

The installation process begins with taking the measurements of your pool area. After our crew measures your pool and deck area, we will calculate the length of the fence and any special modifications required (for example, often poles cannot be placed exactly 3 feet apart and this requires shortening or lengthening a section of the fence) and then present you with a quote.

We always recommend a continuous fence that will completely surround your pool, which is always the safest option, rather than just running it from one side of your backyard to the other.

Then, with your approval of the layout the drilling process can begin.

Step 2: Drilling and sleeve installation

Once everything is measured and planned out, we will drill the holes for the fence and insert plastic PVC sleeves into them. The sleeves provide excellent support for the aluminium poles in any type of ground and can be plugged up when the fence is not in use.

Step 3: Fence and gate installation

After the deck is drilled, we will install the fence and the gate, customizing the sections where required. Multiple gate lock options are available, including self-closing gates, key-lockable gates and tension-adjustable gate hinges so you can pick the features that best suit your needs.

Most installations can be completed in one day. Once the job is done, our crew can demonstrate how to remove and re-install the fence and answer any questions.